About Us

ABS Auto Parts is a Midlands-based specialist supplier of new, pre-used and reconditioned ABS pumps for all makes and models of vehicle.

Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) allow the wheels of your vehicle to retain tractive contact with the road surface, helping to avoid skidding when the driver slams on the brakes.

Following revisions to European Directives in 2012, tougher rules were introduced governing the performance of MOT tests. As a result, warning lights for electronic stability control, safety restraint system, tyre pressure and anti-lock braking systems are visually assessed by the MOT examiner to ensure that they are not permanently illuminated. If your ABS, traction control or ESP lights are illuminated on your dashboard, your vehicle will fail the MOT.

If you discover that your ABS pump has developed a fault, look no further! We’re here to help.

A new ABS pump can cost anything from £500 to £2000, but we can offer you savings of up to 85% against the manufacturer’s RRP. All of our pumps are fully tested prior to sale, and our pre-used units come with a 28-day money back warranty (handling charges may apply).

To help us deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible, please provide us with the part number from your existing ABS pump to ensure we supply a compatible unit for your vehicle. The part number can be found engraved onto your existing unit on the aluminium block or a sticker.

If you have any questions regarding our range, please do get in touch with Mani on 07812031799.